About Charismata

Charismata has evolved since its original conception in 2008 to become one of the leading biblical/theological blogs to come out of Mervue, Galway. It was started as a place to air opinions, grievances, and poorly thought-out theological arguments. It is now a place of poorly thought-out theological arguments alone. As the prophet Eddie Vedder might say, that's evolution, baby!

Charismata's author has a chequered past, which includes a degree in Financial Mathematics and Economics, and a certificate in Biblical Studies. At present a degree in Theology is on the agenda, which means this blog is about the get a whole lot more informed and pretentious and a whole lot less relevant and humorous. That's a trade-off Charismata is unashamedly willing to make.

The (fool's) hope is that this will be a blog for dialogue. A dialogic blog, or diablog if you will. Dialogue between the author and himself, dialogue between the author and other people, dialogue between limited human beings and an unlimited God who treats our bumbling efforts to know him with grace, delight, and no doubt a touch of good humour.