Friday, October 29, 2010

Under An Illusion

Leadership is the aspect of life that Christianity has gotten the most wrong. Where we should look so different ("but not so among you") we have simply reproduced the power structures of the world and applied some Christian finishings to ensure we are under an illusion. I have much to learn about what leadership looks like, but here is my starting point:

Relate to people, or your ministry will die; or worse, it will flourish.


  1. But how do we relate? Is there ever any leadership that doesn't involve relating- we just settle for relating as managers?

  2. True. The word "relate" would need a lot of fleshing out. And if there is a leader, then that implies that there is some form of a relationship with followers, ergo no leadership without relationship. Perhaps "Love people", or to use a more concrete term, "Befriend people", would get the message across. Would it be fair to say that there is no Christian leadership without friendship?