Thursday, December 2, 2010

The New Additon

I reference my "former teacher" a lot, especially now that I'm in Bible College and I want to appear to know more than I do. Have a theology-based conversation with me and by sentence three I'll have probably said, "My former teacher used to say that..." 

By "my former teacher" I mean to refer to one Dr Arden Autry, with whom I metaphorically walked the road to Emmaus as he opened to Scriptures to me for a whole year. His classes were the embodiment of what I wrote about yesterday. Nobody left the classroom without being formed ever-so-slightly more into the image of Christ. If you wanted a simple piece of encouragement to help you make sense of the life of faith, Arden would provide it. If you wanted a discussion on Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics, Arden would provide it, though probably not until either break time or the end of class.

I learned many things from Arden during my year of biblical studies, but perhaps I learned nothing more important than how it is a Christian ought to know things: with humility, grace, and, if necessary, firm conviction (a half-hour debate with a man about the resurrection of Jesus was a particular highlight of mine from the year).

I write all this because my former teacher has been persuaded to start a blog! Perhaps he has become too embarrassed at the half-truths that his former student is spouting across the internet and now intends to the right the wrongs. Whatever the reason, this is good news. The address is I'll let you decide whether that reads Ask In Garden, A Skin Garden, or Asking Arden.

Go ahead and begin reading here. I'm not exactly sure what the contents will be, but I am very sure that all of it will be worthy of your time.