Thursday, March 24, 2011

Through A Visor, Darkly

According to Camus, the most important question facing us is this: "To decide whether life deserves to be lived or not".

You look at a picture like the one below, a picture of a small, largely untainted, self-assured, unafraid-to-break-dance-in-public, wide-eyed human being who has just begun to play hurling with a bunch of other little human beings - you look at a picture like this, and you think, 'Yes, moments like this deserve to be captured; yes, life deserves to be lived'. 

Perhaps no one can answer Camus's question more truthfully and more accurately than a child. My nephew Luke is showing all the hallmarks of becoming a great theologian, but he may never see the world as clearly as he sees it now - through a visor with those big, brown eyes.

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