Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Perfect Body

Our natural eschatological hope is in the perfect body, free from scars, faults, asymmetry, limitation, and unable to be rejected. It gets what it wants. We are bombarded by glimpses of this future hope. We trick oursleves by watching this world from the outside and naming it "fantasy" and naming our watching "escape", thus creating the illusion that we can watch and not participate; that we are still the ones who hold the power; that we really do live in the real world and are free to come and go from it as we please. without consequence But our eschatological hope defines what is really real in the world. What we name as fantasy is ultimate reality, of which our faulty, asymmetrical, rejectable bodies are shadows. We are indelibly shaped by our vision of the "perfect body". Everything we do aims towards that glorious future. And if we cannot attain it in our lifetime, we will worship those who can.

Our supernatural eschatological hope is also in a body, but a body with scars.

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