Monday, July 9, 2012

The Finiteness of the Infinite

It's posts like this one from Peter J. Leithart that justify Al Gore's invention of blogging. That we get to read paragraphs like the following in between a game of Helicopter and a search for the latest news on Riquelme's departure from Boca Juniors is one of the internet's great wonders:

Applying his understanding of the Creator-creature distinction to Christology, Muller says that the infinite God “graciously grasps the finite” and thus “shattered the Kantian barrier from his side.” But I don’t believe in a Kantian barrier, so I see nothing of that sort to shatter. God doesn’t dwell in a noumenal realm, nor are we limited to the phenomena. I’m with Barth on this point: The incarnation is no contradiction of God’s infinity; it’s the climactic expression of that infinity. God is so boundless that He can take flesh and live a human life from conception to grave and beyond without denying Himself, without ceasing in any way to be the infinite God that He is.

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