Monday, October 1, 2012

TULIP - Football Style

One of the biggest rivalries in football is about to take its years of bitterness and hatred onto the pitch this week: Belfast Bible College play Union Theological College in the first round of matches in the Belfast SuperLeague

Since Union trains people for ministry in the Presbyterian church, I thought I'd stir the pot by coming up with Presbyterian-related football puns. Feel free to add your own.

Total (Depravity) Football
Unconditional goalkeeper protection
Limited opponent
Irresistible pace
Perseverance of the feints


  1. one of my fondest footballing memories comes from playing BBC back in the day (played for the BB for some reason). I took a throw in at the farcorner the person played a short pass, I swung a cross into the box and some guy came charging in our of nowhere with a soaring header from the outside of the box and planted it....more him than me, but I remember the cross. And the achy nipples from chaffing on nylon shirts in puns though unfortunately

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  3. Nothing less than three points (in the sermon) will do...