Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I just got "offered" fifteen quid by a company if I allow them to sponsor my next blogpost. My dreams of becoming an author/speaker/blogger are finally being realised.

Now, who wants me to speak at their church/youth club/Christian Union/Bar Mitzvah/beach party/wedding reception/graduation ceremony?

Alternatively, you and 89 others can join me at the Galway Races this week for gambling and conversation. The price is E500. This includes one free each-way bet, and excludes travelling expenses, food, accomodation, and anything else that costs money. The schedule will be announced shortly, but we will meet in the Four Aces on Wednesday night any time after 7pm to discuss the finer points of Continental Philosphy over a 1-3 game of pot-limit hold'em.

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  1. Ha. Christy would be at the heart of that conversation. "It's all about timin' "