Friday, September 13, 2013

Daily Theology

Since I will be a theology student again soon, I had the crazy idea of actually reading some theology every day. There are two semesters of 12 weeks each, plus a summer of  dissertationing. Ignoring the latter, I am setting out to go through the history of theology in bite-size portions by selecting one (occasionally two) theologian from each century (give or take) and spending one hour a day for a week reading some of their work, until I move on to the next one. Here is the list I have so far. If you have any suggestions as to how it can be improved, they will be most welcomed.

Semester 1

Ignatius and Clement ; Irenaeus;  Origen; Gregory of Nyssa; Augustine; Gregory the Great; Psuedo-Dionysius; Maximus the Confessor; Symeon the New Theologian; Abelard; Anselm; Aquinas

Semester 2

St Catherine of Siena; Luther; Calvin; Teresa of Avila; John of the Cross; Francis De Sales; Jonathan Edwards; Friedrich Scheiermacher; Soren Kierkegaard; Sergei Bulgakov; Dorothy Day; Jurgen Moltmann

The nature of the beast obviously means that there are enormous figures omitted from the list, either because of an arbitrary decision, careless ignorance, or relative familiarity (hence, say, the inclusion of Moltmann over Barth).

I have said something like this many times before, but perhaps at the end of each week I will post a "theological reflection" on the blog.

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