Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Love You, Sam Rockwell

Have Owen Wilson and Sam Rockwell been in a film together? If not then someone with women power money needs to make that happen. I watched The Way, Way Back at the weekend. As a former awkward teenager who never got the pretty girl I am built to like this kind of film, no matter how crappy it might be (I'm looking at you, I Love You, Beth Cooper). Thankfully TWWB had nothing of ILYBCs complete lack of charm. But most importantly, it had nothing of ILYBCs lack of Sam Rockwell. Rockwell cranks up his schtick to notch 11, and I can't get enough of it. And if you want more of it, check out The Winning Season, which is like TWWB except told from the perspective of Sam Rockwell's character, and instead of running a water park he's running a girls basketball team, where hilarity ensues! Indeed, watching these two film made me want to be either a girls basketball coach or the manager of a water park when I grow up, which is both testament to Rockwell's performances and disturbing on any number of levels.


  1. Yes! A truly horrendous film made effortlessly watchable by the boy Sam. And CJ from the W. Wing chipped in as well. Welcome to Collinwood, now there's a Rockwell masterclass

  2. I saw it about 8 years ago, but all I remember from it is thinking that it was really short. Have you seen Moon? It has been on my "to watch" list for a while, and maybe Halloween night might be the time to add it to my "watched" list.