Saturday, December 21, 2013

Coming Soon - Films 2013

I had a minor disaster happen to me during 2013. For some unknown reason, the film ratings on my IMDB account were wiped during the summer. What did Star Trek: Into Darkness score out of 10? I'll never know. Did I really see Frozen Ground in 2013? I have no proof. Since losing my meticulously recorded data I haven't really kept track of what I've watched from that point on. Once bitten, twice shy. This means that I'll have to rely on that most outdated of devices for knowledge of the past: my memory.

If anyone knows of another website that performs a similar function to IMDB then I'd be glad to hear of it. Otherwise I may resort to a spreadsheet for 2014. For now, however, I will be using impressions and feelings to talk about the films I've watched, as opposed to rational, scientific facts. As Joe from Reservoir Dogs once said, you don't need proof when you've got instinct. Unfortunately I have neither, but I'll see what I can do come Monday the 23rd.

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