Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Givens and Gifts: a poem

Givens and Gifts

When gifts are made givens
All hell breaks loose.
Enlightenment boasts knowledge;
Entitlement, its fruit.

Our past is forgotten;
The present’s the game.
The only future imagined
Is more of the same.

When gifts are made givens
Death triumphs over life
And all of our being
Is marked with grasping and strife.

But beautiful feet
Bring good news to all and one
“Our givens are gifts
And the giver is not done.”

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  1. Declan,
    I tried to comment on this before, but either my connection failed or I did something wrong. Here's trying again.
    This is a wonderful poem, with wisdom as well as interesting use of language. Thanks for sharing it.