Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Favourite Footballers

Those who know me know that I love football. And Haribo. But mainly football. Because it's good to write about things other than the usual schtick, and because most of my theological thinking over the next couple of weeks will be poured into a project for the good people of First Assemblies of God, Worcester, I plan on dedicating the next five posts to my five favourite footballers.

Rules of Engagement

1. Tangible achievement counts for little. These players will not be selected based on trophies won or individual honours received. They will be selected because watching them play has given me pleasure and has made me want to play the way they play.

2. I'm not saying you have to be a mercurial playmaker to make the list, but it will help.

3. I cannot select Michael Laudrup, even though his YouTube clips are the best out there. I wasn't really watching football when he was in his prime, so he must be excluded. The same goes for anyone who's prime was in 1995 or earlier.

4. There will be no ranking until after all five posts are completed. The order they come in will therefore be arbitrary.

5. Feel free to comment on the predictability of my choices, or perhaps leave some YouTube evidence for why I have or haven't got a clue. Memorable moments, blatant cheating, choking under pressure, rising to the occasion, interesting facts/stories - it's all good.

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