Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Most Insightful Review of Transformers 3 That You'll See...


  1. Haha...Brilliant!

    I'm still going to see it though.

  2. From my favourite review:

    "In the original Greek, "cataclysm" means to "wash down," as in swill. Another side note: Monday's Chicago press screening of the third "Transformers" picture was delayed by 20 minutes because, as the AMC River East spokesman explained to the crowd, the auditorium's digital projector needed time to complete its "ingesting" of the feature. Well! What goes in must come out. One way or the other."


  3. Ok so when I opened this post the first time the video didn't load - looked like it was just the title and then blank-ness. I thought it was deliberate and genius.

    The video's not bad all the same.

  4. I wish I could 'like' what Cathy wrote above. Damned Facebook-shaped expectations.