Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Revolution?

There is a little known story in one of the gospels where Jesus offered people -- sculptors, shepherds, farmers, leaders, authors, bloggers, speakers -- the chance to spend two days conversing and sand-surfing with him, all for the cost of 25 denarii. Spaces were limited, however, with only the first 12 people eligible to avail of this once-in-a-lifetime offer to sit at the feet of Jesus for what was, admittedly, a hefty sum. Still, as the Lord himself said in response to his critics, "This is the co$t of discipleship."

For those who don't know, Rob Bell used to be a pastor. Now, he is offering 90 people the chance to spend two days conversing and surfing with him. Why is Rob Bell doing this?

"Because sometimes we need to drop what we’re doing, step out of our routine, breathe in some fresh air, and be reminded that we signed up for a revolution."

Apparently the price of that fresh air is $500, with the Rob Bell foundation revolving to the tune of $90,000 for four days of pastoral work. This is an abomination of biblical proportions.

Farewell, Rob Bell.


  1. All successful revolutions make space for surfing after lunch.

    Bring $50 for the surf gear...

  2. Declan, you are on the pulse as usual.

  3. Truth be told, I only wrote this because when I put "Rob Bell" into a blog post my traffic spikes and I'm one step closer to that book deal. "Confessions of a 20-something who thinks Jesus is kinda cool but that the church is kinda lame" is the provisional title.

    Also, Kevin, you said that "the problem is ownership". This seems to be an example of that, with Bell thinking that he owns his body/time and therefore that he can sell it. Can we call this "prostitution"?

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  5. Come all ye who are burdened and heavy laden and (for a small fee of $500) I will give you conversation & surfing. No accommodation or food included.