Thursday, February 27, 2014

Run, Florist, Run

In Arizona, there are bills in the pipeline that, if passed, will ensure, among other things, that Christian florists can refuse to sell flowers intended for use at a same-sex wedding. Here is a quote from the piece in which I read about this:

The backers of these laws claim that a Christian cannot, in good conscience, provide a good or service for a same-sex wedding because it violates the teachings of Christianity.

This mode of thinking is an abomination, and represents a failure to witness to the God who causes the sun to shine on homosexual weddings and heterosexual weddings. These Christians are obviously worried about being guilty by facilitation, but they would only be as guilty as God was when he created the world and thus "facilitated" sin, or as the father was when he gave the prodigal son all that money to spend on prostitutes and heroin. Did he not know what was going to happen, and could therefore plead innocent to any charges of facilitation?

That defence reminds me of the funniest 6 minutes of stand-up comedy I've seen. You can check it out by typing "Bill Hicks military industrial complex" into YouTube. Hicks riffs on America's claim that it sold "farming equipment" to Iraq, impersonating one of the sales people:

One of the things we gave them was a new thing we came up with, called a, the a, ahem, flame-throwing rake. No, it was for the farmer. See, he would rake the leaves, and then just turn around and *makes flame-throwing noise** 
But you know what the Iraqis did with that?

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