Friday, February 14, 2014

The Master

At what point does Rob Bell become the leader of a cult, albeit a cool one that in my very weakest moments I'd like to be a member of, at least for the surfing part? Consider this from his website, concerning another of those events that cost $500:

How similar will this be to the 2Day events Rob did last year?
Quite similar, but with some new insights and content and teachings.

Rob's "new insights" may not be as wild and fanciful as those of Lancaster Dodd, played by the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman. But when you have a group of 100 people willing to pay $500 to hear your latest piece of wisdom, you are not far from being the leader of a cult. Indeed, are we not here seeing the future of cults as they take shape in a globalised, consumerist world? Register online, fly in, meet up with 99 other followers around a charismatic leader, gain some insight, and then fly back to wherever you came from. Do you need to go to the next meeting? Well no, not exactly, but are you sure you can afford to miss out on the new insights, content, and teachings?

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