Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm going to make some changes 'round these here parts in the coming week/s. The design is going to get an overhaul, and the content is going to become more focussed. The last time I studied the Bible my biblioblog suffered, ironically enough. My m.o. for updating this thing is usually just spur of the moment posting, but since the majority of my life will now be spent knee deep in theology I know I won't feel like doing blog posts off-the-cuff in my spare time.

With a structure in place, however, I will have the necessary drive to fulful the tasks I set myself. That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

I'll wait until I get into the groove of college life before devising my fiendishly brilliant scheme, but expect it to consist of about 4 posts a week - one on something biblical/theological, one on a "current issue", one on life in Northern Ireland, and one on something light-hearted. It's all open to change at this early stage of development, however, so if you have any sugggestions then please make them known via comment or email. If they're good then I'll be more than happy to pass them off as my own.


  1. Use the theology reading to fuel blog posting - that's a pretty easy way to simultaneously keep us, your avid readers happy and do some doubleplus good processing of course material.

  2. Get football beauty up and running again ;)

  3. eeek...change the font on the is a bit early computerish...slightly are a creative person as well as a book nerd......

    i like the line up of blog posts.....change it up...keep it interesting....keep yourself in touch....nice

  4. Yeah Kevin that whole killing two birds with one blog post is quite appealing. And Ive just noticed Church Dogmatics in the library, so there's some heavy fuel right there.

    Paul - football beauty is dead. get over it!

    Elaine - I'll be messing around with the design for the next while. Keep the critiquing up (as if I have to tell you!).