Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Story Does This Tell?

Are talented worship leaders and singers more likely to be physically attractive than not? Or have we as Christians failed in our calling to evaluate people from the inside out? That's not to even suggest that any of the above are unqualified for the task to which they have been called, but perhaps there are some gifted songwriters who will never see the light of day because they look at who is in Christianity's spotlight and feel they don't measure up.

The longer I stick around, the more convinced I am that if Christianity is to have anything to say to the world, the message of the cross demands that it be said by the weak, the marginalised, the ones we esteem not, the ones who have no beauty or majesty with which to attract us, with nothing in their appearance that we should desire them.

Come to Christ, the proponent of positive discrimination!


  1. I'm onto your ploys, Dec...

    This post is a mere premise for posting pictures of attractive females on your blog to generate hits...millions and millions of hits!

    Prove I'm wrong by posting some "marginalised" chicks as well.


  2. ah come on....all this writing is a crafty cover up that allows you to 'legitimately' post some pictures of christian beauties...those 'married to jesus' if you will....i mean all you had to do was go to hillsong.com....the creators of the babes-who-sing-are-in-shape-and-love-jesus phenomenon.....

    where are the susan boyles of worship music, eh?.....lost in the scottish highlands not kissing people....

  3. What can I say? The comments are speaking for themselves. You blog about important theological matters - nothing. You blog about attractive Christian women and the masses come a-commentin'.

    I know what direction THIS blog is taking in the future, that's for sure.