Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I hate to go to my readers for anything but approval, but does anyone know of a (good) book that deals with the relationship between aesthetics and ethics?


  1. I've a few books by Calvin Seerveld which I liked, but I'm not sure thats what you're after (or would like)...
    Just lifed one of the bookshelf and he has wee essay called 'A Christian View of Aesthetics' and there's a bibliography which mentioned this one as well

    Anyway a fairly random boring story involving your blog post, a dream,a sketch I did of Noah, The Waterboys/Bruce Springsteen and the Belfast Pride parade have resulted in me just ordering 'Rainbows for a Fallen World' by Calvin Seerveld

  2. Thanks, canalways. I picked up an article and a book (Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves) by Seerveld from our library, so I'll give those a read if I can ever stop adding new material to my "To read" schedule.

  3. David Bentley Hart's Beauty of the Infinite. But a word of warning: I have started it three times and come a-cropper. Its very dense...

  4. There are DB Hart sentences that I've started three times and then given up on, but whatever I've managed to read of his has always been worth the mental effort and dictionary usage. We'll see how this one goes.