Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Steps to True Belief

Stephen N. Gundry on theologian Paul Tillich:

At best Tillich was a pantheist, but his thought borders on atheism.

From Gundry's evangelical perspective, it seems it's better to be a pantheist than an atheist. Perhaps Christians are aiming too high. Instead of trying to convince atheists to jump straight into theism, pantheism may provide a suitable launchpad if we can get them there. We could even push for panentheism in one leap if we're feeling especially persuasive! What might be the next step after that? Catholicism?

I wonder what someone might say of me when I am departed?

At best Kelly was a _______, but his thought borders on _________

Feel free to fill in those blanks with as serious or as humorous an answer as you like.

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